Drewitt Group’s pledge to wellbeing for Poole Hospital staff

A simple wooden bench isn’t just a handy spot to take the weight off. When situated in hospital grounds, it represents so much more. It’s a place of refuge for NHS workers to recharge from the pressures of their high-pressure roles, and for visitors and patients alike to gain respite from the hospital environment.

That’s why local business Drewlec has chosen to support its long-term partner, Poole Hospital, with the donation of two new benches, knowing that these seemingly small additions can make a world of difference.

Richard Drewitt, managing director of The Drewitt Group, said: “We’re proud to work with Poole Hospital and regularly see first-hand the hard work and dedication of the doctors and nurses. Our teams are frequently onsite maintaining fire alarm systems in various wards around the hospital and are therefore exposed to the reality of the day to day stresses that are put onto staff and patients. When we received the request to help improve the outdoor seating between the main hospital and the Eddie Hawker Wing, we were quick to offer our support.”

The Drewitt Group responded to a request seeking materials and products to improve outdoor spaces on the hospital site. The Drewitt Group has a strong relationship with the facility and was keen to help by replacing the existing, tired benches with two new ones.

Richard added: “We hope that patients and staff alike will find the benches as a comfortable place of calm and reset during their hospital stay or on a break away from the busy hospital wards. I hope that our small gesture of support will positively impact those in our local hospital. We chose the benches specifically for their durability in harsh British weathers and hope that they will be enjoyed for years to come.” Drewlec, a subsidiary of The Drewitt Group, has been responsible for the upgrade of and service to Poole Hospital’s fire alarm systems since 2014.

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