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Electric Vehicle Charging

The government has committed to reduce the UK carbon emissions to net zero by 2050 and proposed the banning of selling petrol or diesel cars after 2035. As part of their strategy they have implemented economic incentives to encourage the use of electric vehicles. Car manufactures are developing and bringing various electric vehicle models to market; pure electric vehicles, plugin hybrid and self-charging hybrid vehicles.

Those considering purchasing an electric vehicle will need to consider charging facilities and access to these when away from home. As we move closer to 2035 and society remains switched on to its impact on the environment, we are expecting to see more charging points being installed around the country at private residences, workplaces and in public parking destinations. Many employers across the UK are considering the installation of electric vehicle charging points for employees and visitors to use on-site, preparing their business premises for the future.

Drewlec employ trained staff with electrical services experience who can install electric vehicle charging points at domestic and workplace properties.

To find out more about how Homecharge electric vehicle charging point solutions could work for your home or workplace, click below.

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