Spring cleaning your office


Spring cleaning your office


As the sun starts to shine a little brighter, people often start to think about spring cleaning their home, but what about their workspace? Clutter gets moved to cupboards or shelves throughout the year, but perhaps as the season moves into spring, now is a good time to tidy up your desk and get broken items fixed or repaired.



  • Start with de-cluttering your inbox by deleting old emails that you no longer need to keep and set up filters so that as emails come in, they automatically go into the right folders to keep your inbox as clear as possible


  • Create a checklist of things that need to be done and aim to complete at least one item off that list each day. If you give yourself a long timeframe to get things done, it could all be left to the last minute if you commonly find yourself procrastinating


  • It’s not exciting, but check if any new electrical equipment has been PAT tested, and if you have any renewals coming up (or overdue) for older equipment. Faulty electrical equipment can cause all sorts of problems


  • Many people spend lunchtimes at their desks so why not give your desk a clean with some antibacterial spray on a cloth while waiting for the kettle to boil on a tea break. Ensure you include your keyboard, mouse and landline phone in the wipe down as these are often the most commonly used items in the office


  • Important paperwork can be scanned in and saved on the computer with a caption explaining what it is so that you can simply search for it on your PC rather than on your desk – less paper lying around also means less fire hazards


  • In preparation for the warmer weather of the summer months, now is a good time to consider getting the air conditioning units in your building serviced. The last thing you want to do is find out on the hottest day of the year that the air conditioning isn’t working and so everyone struggles to focus in the heat



Drewlec Electrical Services can assist you with your PAT testing requirements and Drewsons Mechanical Services can help keep your office cool by installing and servicing your air conditioning units.  They can service your boiler too as spring is late arriving this year!


To discuss your potential requirements, contact Drewsons Mechanical Services and Drewlec Electrical Services at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01202 575757 today.



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