An Apprenticeship with Drewlec Ltd

An Apprenticeship with Drewlec Ltd


Electrical apprentice, James Elliot, told us all about his apprenticeship as part of celebrating National Apprenticeship Week. James has been studying and training with Drewlec Ltd, part of the Drewitt Group, for four years, and will be passing his course within the next few months.


Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

“I find that it’s easier to learn when you are actually able to do something in practice, rather than reading about it or being told about it by a lecturer. There’s also the advantage that I’m able to getting paid while I’m learning.”


What does your apprenticeship mean to you?

“It enables me to get out there and do what I want in life. I’m a lot happier that I decided to go through this path rather than going to university.”


Do you have any advice to those interested in apprenticeships?

“It’s definitely something worth doing, and I would really recommend it to anyone who wants experience while they’re learning. I would advise that it’s critical to choose the right apprenticeship for you; I feel really lucky that I found a scheme which provides lots of support and help when I need it.”


What sort of work do you do on your apprenticeship?

“The main aim of my apprenticeship is to become an electrician; however I’ve picked up so many other things along the way such as skills in plumbing and carpentry that aid with other jobs that I might be going along to. They’re also really good life skills to have!

“I get to experience a lot of different things on my apprenticeship and I’m so glad that I made the decision to follow this path rather than going to university.”



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