Reasons to test and inspect your fire alarm system

Reasons to test and inspect your fire alarm system


Fire alarm systems are designed to protect your business and employees from fire and smoke, but you can’t rely on them if they are not tested and inspected on a regular basis.  Having your fire alarm system routinely serviced is critical to the safety of your employees.

The ideal way to discover whether your system is in need of maintenance is to have it professionally tested.


Here are 5 reasons why you should maintain your business fire alarm system:

1. Compliance and statutory regulation

Testing your fire alarm system on a regular basis ensures that it is compliant with Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.


2. Saving lives and property

Having a serviced fire alarm system and a nominated fire warden on a business premises can help to prevent injury and loss of life. If a fire should break out in your premises, chances are it will spread quickly, endangering your staff and your property. Dense smoke could cut off escape routes for your staff, and flames could ruin your business in a matter of minutes.


3. Avoid unnecessary false alarms

Regular inspection and testing can help to ensure that your system doesn’t create nuisance alarms.


4. Avoid unnecessary engineer call outs

If you have a faulty fire alarm system, this could result in emergency engineers being called out and an unnecessary charge to you for the engineer’s time.


5. Lower legal costs

If your fire alarm system stops working and you have a fire, you could be liable for a lawsuit if injuries were suffered by employees or the public in the vicinity.



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