Drewitt Group supports NCS fundraiser for the Lewis-Manning Hospice charity

The National Citizen Service (NCS) runs courses for young people, to promote team work and community responsibility and is funded by the government. The course is a 4 week project where the group start by getting to know each other and ends with carrying out a project for a charity in the local community. One NCS group based in Poole wanted to raise money to help a charity named the Lewis- Manning Hospice.


Lewis-Manning Hospice is a charity in Poole that offers free specialist palliative nursing care to around 650 local people living with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses. The hospice promotes acceptance, hope and peace of mind in a safe and calming environment, helping people live well through their illness and beyond.


The NCS group raised money by doing a 24 hour Frisbee marathon where they played a Frisbee match continuously for a whole day and night. The group raised money by getting sponsors from friends, family and the local businesses. They also carried out a tombola and a cake sale to raise more money. The NCS group managed to raise over £800 to be able complete their project for the hospice.


In the last week of the course the team worked hard to decorate one of the Lewis Manning charity shops in the local area. They used the money they had raised to buy a range of materials to help improve the charity shop. They purchased cleaning products, paints for the walls and storage boxes to help tidy up the shop. The balance of money left over after buying materials was given direct to the Lewis Manning Hospice.


This local initiative was supported by the Drewitt Group.